There will be guided tours from Tuesday till Friday at 15h, 17h and 19h and on Saturday and Sunday at 11h and 15h. Reservations are possible by sending an e-mail to

Tuesday, 6th of March

15u00: doors open

18u45-22u00: live performances by Robin Elsmoortel Trio, Shoosh and Elles

  • 18u45: Robin Elsmoortel Trio brings original work supplemented with traditional jazz pieces in a contemporary twist. Genre: jazz
  • 20u00: Elles, a guitar and violin duo. Genre: classical, folk, film music
  • 21u15: Shoosh is an acoustic trio from Leuven / Overpelt. Their music is fresh, quirky and interspersed with classical influences. Harmonious vocals, guitar, violin and piano are their main ingredients. Genre: acoustic

00u00: doors closed


Wednesday, 7th of March

15u00: doors open

15u00-19u00: market with vintage and handmade stuff

20u00-22u00: lectures

  • Social media as marketing clusterbomb by Tim Smits

Tim Smits is a communication scientist and teacher of persuasive and marketing communication at the Institute for Media Studies. He is a doctor in Social Psychology and a Master in Statistics. Within the domain of persuasive and marketing communication, he studies the psychological processes that explain why and how people are influenced by messages.

  • Climate challenges by Manuel Sintubin

Manuel Sintubin is a professor of geology at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He investigates various aspects of our ‘active’ planet. He and his team study processes that occur when continents collide and form vast mountain ranges or cause severe earthquakes, both in a distant past and today.

00u00: doors closed


Thursday, 8th of March

15u00: doors open

19u00-21u00: open mic night

00u00: doors closed


Friday, 9th of March

15u00: doors open

21u00-23u00: live musical performances (by Klara)

  • Osama Abdulrasol (OsArt) is a composer, producer and qanunplayer and visual artist. He was born in Babylon (Iraq) and he studied western music (classical guitar) in the UK and eastern music (qanun or Arabic lap harp) in Iraq.

00u00: doors closed


Saturday, 10th of March

13u00-17u00: children’s afternoon


Sunday, 11th of March

11u00: doors open

11u00-14u00: art brunch by Picnick Unique

14u00: doors closed