Tuesday,  3th of March

14h: doors open

14h-15h30: Writing Workshop

  • Do you have an idea for a text, but you don’t know how to use it? Have you written a text, but don’t know how to proceed because you can’t get a head nor a tail on the “literary world”? Jens Meijen discusses how to go from an idea to a text (proza or poetry) to a publication. Basic questions for a stimulating text as well as the most important paths to the literary field (literary magazines, writing competitions, talent development projects and stages) are discussed. This workshop is aimed at beginning writers, people who have not yet written a text, or those interested in participating in Babylon’s Interuniversity Literary Prize (but everyone is welcome!). Don’t forget to register at:

16h: Coffee Workshop

  • In this coffee workshop, by Noir, you’ll get to know more about coffee! How’s it made? Which crazy varieties exist? Find out abou  all this, and more, here!

20h30 – 23h30: Open mic

  • Let yourself be heared on Ithaka! Musician, comedian, poet or performer? Everyone’s welcome on our stage! Creatives will be giving top performances while you enjoy a drink in our bar. Aching to bring something yourself? Sign up here!

23h30: doors close

Wednesday,  4th of March

14u: doors open

14u – 23u30: Board game afternoon

  • Come to Ithaka to enjoy a drink, some food and fun board games with your friends

16u – 17u30: Theatre

18u – 23u30: Cheese croquettes & wine

  • Of course Ithaka has to feature what Belgians consider the snack of all snacks: the cheese croquette. We’re organising a fancy fries shop,and of course wine has to be  part of that. Will you be joining us?

19u – 20u30: Theatre

21u – 22u30: Short Movies

  • Together with Cinema ZED, we selected a programme of six promising short movies.

22u – 23u30: Theatre

23u30: doors close

Thursday,  5th of March

14u: doors open

14u – 18u: High Tea

  • Forget the rainy weather for a bit by sharing a cuppa tea with freinds. Simon Lévelt offers up to nine different kinds of tea, and we also have fresh scones and carrot cake, made with love. ❤️☕🥧

16u30 en 17u: Yoga

  • Come to inner peace with our yoga sessions amidst art. Interested? Be sure to sign up!: Instructions will be given in Dutch, but of course everyone is welcome! Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat!

20u – 23u30: Jazz & Beer

  • Let jazz and beer take you to delightful heights on Ithaka! Will will be providing some delicious high-quality Belgian beer, while musicians wil be providing some sweet jazz, perfect to drift off to! Are you yourself the next Duke Silver, and are you aching to play some jazz? Sign up here!

23u30: doors close

Friday,  6th of March

14u: doors open

15u: Cultural quiz

17u: Presentation Cuisine

19h: Afterwork

  • Of course working is laborious, we at Ithaka are the first to acknowledge that. That’s why we invite you to start the weekend with a snack, a drink, and some modern art at the Ithaka  Arts Festival

20h: Hypnosis Meets Arts

23h30: door close

Saturday, 7th of March

10h: doors open

14h – 17h: Kids’ afternoon

  • During the kids’ afternoon, we will be treating the youngest to a fun kid’s afternoon.

17h: doors close

Sunday,  8th of March

10h: doors open

10h – 14h: Pancakes

  • At Ithaka, we’d like to stimulate all of your senses, so that’s why we’ll provide you with some delicious pancakes Sunday!

14h: doors close