Young Poets Society (with 30CC)

met 30CC)

🏛️ Zwartzustersklooster (Zwartzustersstraat 2, Leuven)
🕒 28/02, 8 p.m.-11 p.m.
📝 Obligatory registration (
💸 Free

Meet people, talk passionately, get inspired

Young Poets Society is making an early comeback. The concept? An evening full of students who love culture and who want to share that with others. Are you looking for people to go to the theatre with 🎭, to stride through a museum 🏛️ or to talk about books 📚? The Young Poets Society alternates between performances and space for new encounters with people you don’t know yet. Definitely register, and maybe you’ll get to know your new culture friends. ◗