Cheese-, wine- and jazz-evening

🕐Thursday 09/03 7.30 pm (start of the cheese- and wine-evening), 8 pm (jazz)
💵 e.g. Cheese board: 6 euros and cheese board + bottle of wine: 10 euros
🚩Labora, Abbey of  Keizersberg, Mechelsestraat 202, 3000 Leuven

Imagine this: you’ve just seen a wonderful exhibition with beautiful artworks that kept your eyes peeled, and now you hope to begin a calm, cosy evening. Yet, you’re not in the mood yet to descend that tiring Keizersberg. No worries! Then LOKO simply invites you to spend your cosy evening there! On the 9th of March we’ll be inviting some jazz musicians to add an auditory component to our visually stunning exhibition, all the while you can enjoy a slab filled with creamy cheeses and a tasty glass of wine! Long story short: an evening in which all your senses can be stimulated in the best of ways!