Open call: artists for Ithaka

About Ithaka

Ithaka is the visual arts festival of LOKO Cultuur, where a dozen young artists get the chance to display their art on a location in Leuven’s city centre. With 28 editions and counting and support from cultural partners, Ithaka is a staple of the Leuven’s art scene. However, we strive to be young, new and refreshing, every year. With this 29th edition, we have something exciting and fresh planned, again. An exciting location, promising artists, and hundreds of visitors. The current circumstances make us think outside of the box. Does that strike your fancy?

For Ithaka 29, LOKO Cultuur launches an open call to young artists to display their art between the 22th and 28th of March. They will all receive a space they can set up however they please. Hang your master pieces on the wall? Shine a movie on the ceiling? Install a beach? Everything’s possible! All forms of art and every material is allowed. We will refund the costs you made, and provide you with an allowance.

You can check to see how the previous editions looked. Still have a question? You can always mail, or send a message to the LOKO Cultuur-page on facebook.

What do we need from you?

  • A short description of yourself
  • A project proposition
  • If you happen to have a portfolio, you can always include it

Your proposition has to include:

  • A description of the project you would like to present on Ithaka
  • A cost estimate: how much your project would cost (will be reimbursed by us)
  • Pictures or sketches of your project, if possible

How to submit your candidacy?

Trough this form!

Good luck!

LOKO Cultuur is the cultural departement of LOKO, Leuven’s union of student unions. They organise cultural events like Ithaka, IFTf or Movies@Lokation, and represent students in cultural organisations like the KU Leuven cultural council or STUK, a Leuven’s Art Centre.