Jorge Louis Ochoa

I come from far away.

Originally from Peru, Jorge Louis Ochoa has been living in Leuven since 2016. In 2008, he obtained a master’s degree in Social Development at The Graduate Institute of Geneva before studying Photography at Ecole Agnes Varda in Brussels.

Ochoa is interested in the world of images and their impact on our culture and social life. In his first art piece he used a documentary style to createhis photographs but in the future he would like to further explore the boundaries of this medium.

“The idea was to capture Peruvians in Belgium in a simple way.”

The work he presents for us is I come from far away and is an account of the Peruvian migrant community in Belgium. The photographs were taken between 2018 and now. Most of the photographs are scenes and portraits that Ochoa took during the celebration of different events such as their cultural and spiritual practices, recreational activities, and scenes from their daily lives. These activities produce a well-being or an imagined return to common places and experiences and play an important role in the socialization and reproduction of their identity and culture in this new country.

Ochoa himself is a newcomer to our country and was interested in what it means to settle in a new place. He wondered about the cultural dynamics of an immigrant and was intrigued about what remains of people’s culture and what disappears once they settle in a new place. He would like to draw attention to how cultural expression is embedded in the migration process.

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