Fee Veraghtert

Fee Veraghtert (1998) graduated as a Master in Fine Arts from PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt.  She has always been interested in art and since her childhood, she went to an art class. Thanks to the recommendation of her teacher at theart class, she decided to pursue an art education.

“I prefer to live in color”

David Hockney

For Ithaka, she selected and arranged a series of twenty monotypes in the various windows of the Klein Begijnhof (Small Beguinage). Interaction of the forms and colors played an important role in the final composition. How do the works relate to each other? And how does the viewer relate to the works? Veraghtert always tries to play with these two questions so that a kind of pingpong effect arises between the different figures.

The formal qualities of painting in general are very important in her work. Color, form, composition, line and chance are some of the aspects that are recurring. That’s what it’s all about. Yet it is also interesting to discover the titles of the works, because these tell another story.

She herself clarifies the message behind her work with a quote from Elsworth Kelly: “I’m attracted to color and shape, I feel people want a content. They’ve always have a content. You know figuration. Right away there is a story. And abstraction has always been, “oh, it’s abstract..”

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