Tobias De Win &

Tobias De Win


Voor Tobias De Win was tekenen al heel zijn leven zijn enige passie. Toen hij ook een fascinatie voor film kreeg, werd de stap naar animatie al snel gezet. Voor zijn filmopleiding studeerde hij beeldende kunsten in het secundair onderwijs, waar hij al zijn eigen stijl begon te ontwikkelen. Zijn werken hebben op verschillende filmfestivals gestaan, zoals VERS (Amsterdam), Cinamima festival (Portugal) en Documentary Film Festival (Brussel).

De Wins’ work is characterized by the use of intuition and improvisation. His works are often very personal and present his life and emotions in an expressionistic and poetic way. De Win sees himself as an artist who likes to ask questions. For him, it is not always necessary to draw within the lines. He likes it when the audience can play a participatory role in his art.


“The feeling of ‘infinite freedom’ while making art has kept me doing it.”

The work he presents is his animated film WERRA. WERRA is an animated haiku in which three anecdotes about a wolf, a homeless woman and a soldier are told through parallel intellectual montage to convey a pure observation of the current human condition.

Clara Wouters


Born and raised in Antwerp, Clara Wouters obtained her Master’s degree in Art History from KU Leuven in 2020. After this study she decided to start a training in photography at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels.

Anesthesia is a work that originated during the first lockdown. Wouters likes to keep up with what is happening in the world and did that very closely. However, when so many other things fell away (due to COVID), she noticed that the urge to keep up with all the news all day became too overwhelming for her. So she started looking for a way to not succumb to this. What started out as cutting out photos and taking them out of context evolved into inventing literal filters to deal with the most violent images.

Through her work, Wouters would like to make us aware of our information addiction and its inextricable link to stress, anxiety disorders and burn-outs. We all know that the continuous flow of information is not healthy, but is the addiction too socially accepted to be able to cut it out?

“It’s like a painkiller, you have to protect yourself from the overflow of information because you’re helpless against it.”

Wouters has also made a book of this art piece, which is available for purchase on our website. This book contains the complete series. Anesthesia refers to the order of the images: beginning with intense and over-stimulated information, to end with more and more filters until there is hardly anything recognizable left.


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