Annelotte Lammertse



Annelotte Lammertse is currently pursuing a master’s degree in textile design at the LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. She received her bachelor’s degree at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Department of Image and Language.

“I make my way through the garden, between the landscape gardens, to the wild hems in our landscape.”

The project ZOOOM consists of a number of works in different media that deal with the residual spaces or in-between spaces in our cities. The works show elements of the “hems” of our city in different ways. Last year Lammertse started dyeing linen and hemp with plants. She found these plants at the egdes of the city: in the in-between areas, edges and fractures of the city. She found the plants along the highways, near the banks, along canals, on roadsides, scattered in the squares and between the bricks of the abandoned houses.

These are places that are abandened by humans. No one looks at them, urban planning does not devote time to them and they are often inaccessible places. Yet these are the places with an enormously high level of diversity. They are accidental and unforeseen mistakes with great potential. A similar kind of potential is found in the plants themselves and in the colors they can generate. Plants like barnyard wormwood, St. James’s wort, mugwort, yarrow, mullein, but sometimes also oak trees and chestnut trees grow there.


With this work, Lammertse is keen to bring out the layered character that prevails in the fractures, the hems and in the margins. They are places full of possibilities, but at the same time difficult to define. They are places that are not dominated or exploited by anyone. The plants that grow there are important for biodiversity. They are places where we can imagine what urban spaces can look like and what role they can play. The proces, mutability and temporality is what shapes the places. It is waiting for external economic and political forces to act on the places.

Eva Maria Bouillon


Bruges-born Eva Maria Bouillon graduated from Luca School of Arts in Brussels in 2020. Here she followed a Master’s degree in Photography. From an early age, both she and her sister were encouraged to be creative. Her parents often took her to theater performances and exhibitions. Both her parents currently play a huge role in her work process.

The photography series, Untitled (2018), grew out of a collaboration between Bouillon and her grandmother. Her grandmother had a fear of taint. Throughout her childhood, Bouillon was able to observe how the anxiety disorder manifested itself in her grandmother’s actions and what traces they left behind. Objects were washed several times and carefully wrapped in kitchen paper and plastic.

“Because of the pandemic of the past year, I think some people may recognize themselves in this series.”

The work came about because Bouillon had a very strong bond with her grandmother. She saw how her grandmother wanted to protect herself and those around her from illness, and during the last years of her life they occasionally talked about the origin of these fears. Because of this, Bouillon noticed that her grandmother was ready to speak more openly about this. They decided to think about a photo series together.

For several months she went to photograph her grandmother’s daily life and her apartment but suddenly her grandmother fell ill. When her grandmother passed away, Bouillon decided to continue the series. She selected some images from the period in which they worked together and created additional photos based on elements from her apartment and the stories.


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