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Wouter Persyn


Born and raised in Ostend, Wouter Persyn is an architect, teacher and furniture designer. In his spare time, he occasionally creates art using any medium.


Persyn himself has a great admiration for Margritte. Today, he draws much of his inspiration from Margritte’s surrealist paintings and it helps form the basis for a new piece of furniture.


In 2017 he participated in the street art festival ‘the Chrystal ship’ in Ostend. Using Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child as inspiration, he then created several works that were on display in the Church of Oud Lady in Bruges. For Smartlab he designed O, which now gets its temporary place in Leuven.

O is the sequel to Gordn. Closet or Art? A question of perspective. Indeed, from one specific point of view, the strange cutouts form a circle, a perfectly round hole in the closet. The moment when 3D seemingly gives way to 2D is also the moment when the optical illusion of the closet becomes art.


Gordn and O together form one unit, but physically they have never been.

 “Making the viewer wonder what he is seeing until he experiences the aha erlebnis experience.”

Where as a spectator you walk around the cabinet, looking for O, here the tangible hole turns before your eyes. Amazingly near- like clockwork that perfect circle reveals itself. The doubt between closet or art disappears.



Shiyi Zhou is 24 years old and is currently studying Anthropology at KULeuven. Previously, she studied media and because of this, she has fallen in love with digital media which allows her to create her more extraordinary sensual works.


She does not see herself as a professional artist. For her, creating works of art is an enjoyable hobby that helps her to release feelings and organize ideas. For her, creating art has therefore become a way of thinking. The result of such a thinking process is like a personal diary, which marks a part of her life.


No name is a work with which Zhou would like us to stand up so that we may learn how strong our own bodies are and how impossible it is to act freely. This ethereal dance is extremely resistant to the intrusion of the surface of reality. The desire of this movement is a primitive desire, animalistic, but consciousness is hidden in it.

“When I look at my work, I also look at myself and think about my life.”

Zhou wants to bring the audience into a context full of the instincts and forces of life. The information they gain in the process must be related to their personal life experience and, as a result, can be personally experienced and explored.

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