Anyuta W. Snauwaert

I think it is beautiful when people dare to question their own premises and empty their hearts for the new

Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert (born 1989) is a visual artist. She graduated from the Moscow Law Academy before deciding to pursue an artistic career. A few years ago she began studying visual arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Meanwhile, her works have already been exhibited in Moscow, Ghent, Ostend, Brussels, Kortrijk, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hyderabad, Murcia and now also in Leuven.

The work she presents to us came about because last year Snauwaert was asked by KAAP and Mu.Zee to collaborate on a project about monuments. Last year there was a discussion about what should happen with the monuments of the colonial past. KAAP and Mu.Zee wanted to open this up and question the meaning of the monument today. This put Snauwaert, as a contemporary artist, in the position where she could decide what a monument deserves. She decided to make a monument for doubt. Our society is polarized. Every day you think “Now it can’t get any worse” and then the next day you see that it could get worse after all. We are inundated with big and small existential issues. We have become convinced by this that our own view is the only correct one and as a result we are no longer able to communicate about it. There is no more room for dialogue. Snauwaert wants to create this space again and allow doubt back into our lives.


“Dare to question your position: am I nuanced enough?”

To honor doubt, Snauwaert purchased a ghost heart and placed it in an Italian handmade vase on formaldehyde. For her, the heart is where our emotions and our spirit reside. With a heart full of emotions we sometimes get upset. An empty heart is full of potential. It is open to new things.

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