LOKO PRESENTS: Ithaka #29 ◆ 22/03 – 11/04  
The 29th edition of Ithaka is coming up again. This year it has a slightly different look, but the approach remains the same: 19 promising artists get the chance to present their work to you. This year Ithaka is divided into two parts: an online exhibition and an open air exhibition. Click on one of the book sections below to go to the expo.

For the first port of call, you don’t even have to come out of your cabin. No, you can just visit it online on our website This year, our home base is the Abbey on the Keizersberg, where nine artists exhibited their work. We would have liked to welcome you, but due to the exceptional circumstances, we transformed the artworks into a virtual 360° exhibition. So you can walk through the abbey corridor and enter the various rooms of Ithaka with no worries of catching some measly virus.

The second part of Ithaka is called Odysee. For the Odyssee, you go on a 3-kilometre walk – let’s say, a voyage of discovery – through Leuven. 10 works of art await you behind shop windows. Your Odyssey begins at the Anatomical Theatre and runs through Leuven, up to the abbey on Keizersberg, ending at Ithaka. You won’t travel alone, so we have provided an audio guide that accompanies you on your tour and tells you the Leuven legend of the Fiere Margriet and provides more explanation of the works on the Odyssee.